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Watch couples shagging on cam

You’re a voyeur and you like to watch. Normally this would be heavily frowned upon by society but not here because we encourage you to watch. In fact, we insist that you watch couples shag live. The shows are free and the couples get really turned on when they know they are being watched as they pleasure each other. For that reason alone, we are issuing you a special invitation to the shows and we’re reserving VIP seats for you on the front row so you don’t miss a second of all the steamy action.

Watching couples fuck is easy – simply turn on your computer or handheld device; go to our home page and click on any couple’s link. The couples who want to be watched as they fuck will be highlighted so you can easily find them. Some couples will take requests as to what they should do to each other but others would rather do whatever they wish to do without any requests from the viewers.

Couple watching isn’t for everyone but these couples are exhibitionists whose enjoyment comes from an adoring audience. They want to show off their bedroom skills and they get really turned on when they know you’re getting turned on by their performance. So realistically, you’re doing a good deed by watching couples shag. Without intending to, you’re helping a couple spice up their sex life and probably saving their marriage in the process!

The live shows are free to voyeurs and some couples will engage in softcore acts while others watch but if you want to see the really hardcore stuff, you may have to pay a small and affordable fee for premium access. The fee is so worth it as once you see what the couples really do in private; you won’t watch another porno ever again. This live action is one hundred times better than any porn out there.

For a more interactive experience, fire up your own webcam and masturbate along to the couples’ play time. Hearing you moan as you pleasure yourself will drive the couple crazy and make them go at it even harder and faster than before. Be sure to ask though if the couples are comfortable with you engaging in a cam2cam session with them as not all couples are open to the idea, after all, most exhibitionists don’t like to be upstaged at their own shows!

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