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Let a stranger shag your wife

If you saw an ad asking you if you wanted your wife shagged, what would your first reaction be? Would you quickly hit the back button on the browser and pretend you never saw the offending ad or would your face light up in anticipation? If you chose the latter as your reaction, you’re a smart man. You’re a freak too but that is nothing to frown upon, especially on this dating website.

Here, we specialize in answering the question – do you want your wife shagged? We’ve been helping men pimp out their wives for years and not to blow our own horns but we are rather good at what we do. We established this dating site for men who like watching their wives get shagged by other men because we are in exactly that same position. We like to share our wives and we wanted to create a community where people like us would gather and freely show off and share their wives too.

Membership to our community doesn’t cost a penny but it’s only open to married couples who are willing to play with others. Occasionally we open up membership to single guys who love shagging wives while their husbands watch and we thoroughly screen all applicants to ensure discretion. The thorough screening process means you’ll never get busted by your neighbors or coworkers because of your lifestyle choices.

The reasons why you should join this dating site are numerous and at the top of that list is the fact that it will greatly improve your sex life. The satisfaction both you and your wife will get from opening up your bedroom door to a third party is priceless. You’ll get off on watching your wife get shagged. She’ll be happy knowing your happy.

We have an extensive list of resources including tutorials and book recommendations that answer any kind of questions you may have about this lifestyle. We even have a very active forum on site in case you have a burning question and you can’t find the answer in any of the tutorials. Our members are very helpful and will gladly help you as you make your way through this very interesting adventure. Getting your wife laid is the best gift you’ll ever give her and letting you watch her get shagged by other men is the best gift she’ll ever give you.

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