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We want to shag outdoors

I was chatting with a mate of mine last night when all of a sudden he blurted out: have you ever shagged outdoors? Naturally the question caught me off guard since we weren’t even discussing sex but after some deep thought, I answered yes and then proceeded to tell him how it happened.

I met a girl I fancied on this website and at first I honestly thought she was out of my league and would just literally stalk her profile but not contact her until one day I got the courage to send her a brief email introducing myself. I honestly didn’t think she would reply back but she surprised me and replied back almost immediately. We traded a few emails back and forth and we quickly realized we had more in common than what we had revealed in our profiles. She also lived just about fifteen minutes from me and even though she wasn’t sure she was ready to meet in real life, she wasn’t completely ruling out the possibility.

Soon our online friendship grew into flirting and then progressed into a full relationship. We would spend endless hours chatting on instant messenger, texting back and forth and even talking on the phone. Two months into what is arguably the most interesting online relationship I’ve ever had, she texted me and said she was finally ready to meet in real life. I almost passed out. I had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever. We agreed to meet at the mall and when she showed up, she was even prettier than her pictures or any of her videos.

We hugged and talked briefly and then agreed to take a stroll in the nearby park. The chemistry between us was unbelievable. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we both knew we’d be shagging before we parted ways that day, we just didn’t know where or when it would happen. Wanting some privacy, we found a bench in a secluded part of the park and the second we sat down, we began kissing like a bunch of teenagers. Soon enough, her hand was down in my pants and my wandering hands had found her tits. With our mouths still passionately locked together, she climbed on top of me and straddled me right in public. She unzipped me as I pulled her panties to the side and then she rode me until I exploded inside her!

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