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Shag another guys wife

The day is winding down and you’re probably wondering what to do this evening after work. I have the perfect solution for you. Instead of hitting the pub with your mates, why not shag someone’s wife tonight? I know the idea sounds ridiculous and you’re thinking to yourself that it would be a lot easier to get your wisdom teeth extracted without anesthesia but you’re wrong and I’ll explain why. There are men who are willing to share their wives. This practice is so popular that there are even dating sites dedicated exclusively to couples willing to open up their bedroom doors to a third.

Case in point is this dating website – couples sign up here because they are looking to spice up their sex lives. The wife enjoys sleeping with men besides her husband and the husband gets turned on at the thought and sight of other men pleasuring his wife. The wife is usually an exhibitionist while the husband plays the voyeur part. It’s an arrangement that works for the couples in our database and it’s an easy way for you to get laid without any commitments.

If you can stomach the thought of shagging someone else’s wife then you need to go ahead and sign up right now and then browse through all the profiles and personal ads set up by the couples. Pay special attention to the requirements and limits set by the couples in order to increase your chances of getting lucky. When you find a couple you’re comfortable with, send them an introductory email emphasizing why you’re the perfect candidate for the role of shagging the wife. If they like what you have to say, you’ll be well on your way to shagging paradise.

Some people would rather not play email tag and if you’re one of those people then utilize the video chat and instant messenger features on this site to establish a rapport with different couples. The more you chat with them, the more comfortable they’ll become with you and you with them. And when all parties are happy with each other, the interaction will naturally progress to the bedroom. This whole process can happen in a matter of hours so make sure you’re ready to meet up at a moment’s notice. Just remember to carry condoms and anything else you may need during your playtime with the couple.

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