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If you’re new to the area with no friends and the endless hours spent at your job are making it impossible to go out and have some kind of social life or even get laid, listen up closely because we have a special and simple solution to your problem – shag a local slag .

Yes, we realize we’re recommending something that’s going to make us seem insane but there are so many positive things about signing up at our dating site for the sole purpose of meeting someone to shag. For starters, slags don’t require any wining or dining. They are on here to find someone to have some adult fun with so you can save your money and still have a good time in between the sheets without spending a dime.

Secondly, slags don’t nag like girlfriends and wives do. You don’t have to call them. You don’t have to make any promises to them. You don’t have to bring them flowers or remember their birthdays. You don’t even have to meet them if you don’t feel like it. They on the other hand, accommodate you and work with your schedule, they also don’t keep track of all your mistakes and bring them up over and over again reminding you constantly of your imperfection.

A third reason why you should hook up with a local slag is she’ll always cater to your needs and make you feel like a king. The shags in our member database have various tastes and they possess different skills so whatever fetish you’re into, we’ve got a slag for that. Nothing is too bizarre for our slags and chances are they’ve probably heard anything you may ask them to do so let go of all your inhibitions and have fun.

The good news is you don’t have to travel far to have a blast. We have members all over the globe and some right in your neighborhood! The even better news is that these local slags are willing to meet right away. Establish a rapport with them online and when you both feel comfortable with each other, decide on a place to meet, discuss your expectations from all parties and then proceed to meet in real life. Once you hook up with one of the slags you’ve met on this dating site, you’ll be hooked for life and we know you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

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